Group 6 Training  provides instruction to a variety of clients ranging from first time and recreational shooters, to the most experienced professional shooters. Give us a call 817.719.9512 or send an email. 

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CHL applicants, license holders, and self defense oriented clients. 

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CHL Class - The state mandated 10 hour CHL classroom and firearms proficiencey.. more

CHL Renewals - The state mandated 4 hour CHL renewal and firearms proficiencey... more

Basic Handgun Marksmanship - preparation for the CHL proficiency ... more 

Concealed Carry Shooting - drawing from concealment and other defensive shooting tactics ... more

Combat Shooting - skills for combat, one handed shooting, reloads, and malfunction drills ... more  

Combat Mindsetclassroom only! Everyone who carries a gun for self defense needs this course!
                                   The hesitance to take a life is an instinct which must be addressed. ... more 

Home Defense -   firearms safety and storage in the home, responding to intruders, coordinating 
                                  with responding officers, clearing your home ... more                                   

CHL Class 

DPS mandates that the training take at least ten hours. There is alot of good material to cover and it will take the full time. Lunch will be eaten on site, so while you eat I continue to teach. You may either bring your lunch or pick something up at one of the nearby fast food restaraunts. I will provide water, snacks, targets, and handouts. 

You will need to bring your unloaded handgun in a case, your eye and ear protection, and 100 rounds of ammo.

You will not need a holster.

Course Outline:

  • Handgun Selection
  • Firearms Safety
  • Safe Firearms Storage
  • Range Procedures
  • Firearms Proficiency (Range Qualification)
  • Use of Force Laws (Self Defense)
  • Texas Concealed Carry Laws
  • Less Lethal Options
  • Non- Violent Dispute Resolution
  • Review and Written Test

Chech the course schedule for the CHL class dates and locations.

Cost $120 

* Please Note:
This class is for students who are already proficient handling and shooting their handgun. If you are new to shooting please make arrangements for either a private lesson or basic handgun class prior to the CHL class

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CHL Renewal

The state mandated 4 hour CHL renewal, written course, and firearms proficiencey. 

You will need to bring your unloaded handgun in a case, your eye and ear protection, and 100 rounds of ammo.

You will not need a holster.

Course Outline:

  • Legal Updates
  • Firearms Safety
  • Range Procedures
  • Firearms Proficiency (Range Qualification)
  • Use of Force Laws (Self Defense) 
  • Review and Written Test

Cost $55 

Please note, at this time we do not generally schedule 'renewal ony' classes. You are welcome
to join us for the first four hours of the initial CHL class. Please contact if you need a Renewal,
If I get a few interested students I will schedule a specific renewal class. We are very flexible with renewals.

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Basic Handgun Marksmanship  

Preparation for the CHL proficiency qualification. This is the foundation course that all others build on.
Even if you have been a shooter for years, if you have never had formal training, you will benefit from this course. 

6 hours
  •           Firearms Safety
  •           Loading / Unloading
  •           Stance
  •           Grip
  •           Sight Alignment / Sight Picture
  •           Trigger Press / Follow Up
  •           Reloading / Malfunctions        

Cost $ 120  

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Concealed Carry Shooting

Course Description:
This class is the next logical step in your training following your CHL class.
Learn to safely draw and shoot from concealment. Other shooting skills will be taught along with threat identification skills.

6 hours

You should be comfortable handling and shooting your handgun, but no prior formal training is necessary
prior to take this course. Each skill will be presented to the class, but individuals will be able to shoot at
his or her own pace.   

Course Outline:

  • Basic marksmanship review
  • Threat identification / assessment
  • Drawing from concealment
  • Reloading
  • Malfunctions clearing

Equipment needed:

  • Handgun
  • 250 rounds of ammo
  • Concealed carry or duty holster 
  • Hearing and eye protection
  • Clothing suitable for weather and an outdoor range 

Cost $120

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Combat Shooting:

This is an intermediate to advanced shooting class. It is suitable for police officers, SWAT, CHL holders, and defensive shooters.  Students must be confident and safe pistol shooters. Following a brief review of basic marksmanship and drawing from the holster, more advanced skills will be presented.

Learn to safely draw, shoot, reload, and clear malfunctions one handed using either support or dominant hand. Learn to shoot from cover with minimum exposure to the threat.  Expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone as this course is designed to prepare you for a gunfight.

6 hours

This is not the course for a beginner. You should be comfortable and competent handling your weapon. Sound weapons handling skills are a must!

Course Outline:

  • Basic Marksmanship
  • Drawing from Concealment or Duty Rig
  • One Handed Drawing
  • One Handed Reloading
  • One Handed Malfunction Clearing
  • Shooting From Cover
  • Threat Identification

Equipment Needed:

  • Handgun
  • 250 rounds of Ammo
  • Concealed or Duty Rig
  • Hearing & Eye Protection
  • Clothing Suitable for Weather and Outdoor Range

Cost $125

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Combat Mindset:

Everyone who carries a gun for self defense needs this course. The hesitance to take a human
life is an instinct that we are all born with. failing to address this fundamental human condition
can have tragic consequences. A license, a badge, marksmanship skills, or equipment, will not
save your life if you are not mentally prepared to act.

This is a classroom lecture. There is no range session with this course.

4 hours

Cost $50

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Home Safety & Defense:

Your instructor comes to your home and teaches you about firearms safety in your home. Learn how to respond to an intruder attack, and interact with responding officers. Learn how to defend & hold, and how to search & clear your home, and most importantly, when to do each.  

The rate entitles you to host the training, sharing it with your family or up to three others. You may host a larger group at an increased rate to cover an additional instructor. 

4 hours

Cost $200

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    Our Group 6 Training philosophy of 'simplicity and relevance'
is especially apparent in the defensive shooting courses. 

Mike Duff